Creating tomorrow’s sustainable mobility

We provide a plug-in hybrid electric powertrain solution that boasts maximum energy efficiency and unmatched compactness and pricing - thanks to a smart and simple design that incorporates a multitude of functions.

OBRIST Powertrain


OBRIST Powertrain is an innovative powerhouse focused on developing key components for hybrid electric and battery-powered vehicles. We offer scalable solutions perfectly suited for a variety of requirements, from affordable mass-market mobility solutions to premium segments.



 A series hybrid powertrain solution – combines electric driving with unlimited range at maximum efficiency and affordable costs.

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Components and systems designed to be compact, simple, and incredibly cost effective.

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We provide you with an impressive array of services designed to exceed your every expectation.

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OBRIST Powertrain offers employees the opportunity to contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions in the automotive sector through interesting and innovative projects and products.

Signature Martin Graz

Martin Graz
COO of OBRIST Powertrain


A car with a HyperHybrid drive in mass production would cost no more than a diesel. 

Signature Frank Wolf

Frank Wolf
CEO of OBRIST Powertrain


OBRIST supports its customers with mass production for the development of alternative powertrain systems, such as pure electric drive and hybrid systems. The OBRIST Group has successful development projects with all big OEM´s worldwide (BMW, Mercedes, AUDI, etc.) and the big system suppliers like (Denso, Visteon, Modine, etc.).


The OBRIST group provides the technologies of tomorrow. More than 150 internationally active patents are an indication of knowledge and success. The expansion of the customer field from mainly Germany, to customers worldwide (USA, Japan, China, etc.) are an additional indication of a very strong and innovative business partner.


Based on 20 years of experience in the development of automotive powertrain systems, waste heat recovery and thermal management, the OBRIST Group has widespread knowledge about the demand of the automotive industry regarding hybrid vehicle strategies and the demand of OEM´s to meet future fleet emission targets.

Quality and Safety

OBRIST has established and applied a quality management system for development, manufacturing, assembly and marketing of components and systems. An audit from TÜV SÜD was performed and the proof has been ascertained that the requirements according to ISO 9001:2015 are fulfilled. The certificate is valid until 2019.

Photo of Frank Wolf & Frank Obrist

The masterminds behind OBRIST Powertrain

Frank Wolf, CEO, together with Frank Obrist, Founder and President, head a team of experienced engineers and experts.

CO2 Emission: 33g/km

NEDC - ECE101 Fuel Consumption

NEDC Fuel Consumption Results (Sustain Battery Charge): 4,75l/100km
NEDC ECE101 Battery Range: 58km
Vehicle: Geely Emgrand EC7 - Powertrain: HyperHybrid

>150 Internationally Active Patents

Intellectual Property: OBRIST Group

These patents include vehicle concepts for a new car generation. 
More than 20 patents granted regarding the combustion engine and the battery. 

Real-Life Test Drive: 2.93L/100km

Plus 6.6 kWh Power

Hamburg - Independent Test: Autobild Nr. 14 - 7.4.2017
Road Course: 150km Highway, City, Country
Consumption Values after 1 Full Round Course

Research and Development

Projects with the FFG: The Austrian Research Promotion Agency

Realization of industrial research and development projects regarding the mobility of the future.