Creating tomorrow’s sustainable mobility

We provide a plug-in hybrid electric powertrain solution that boasts maximum energy effiency and unmatched compactness and pricing - thanks to a smart and simple design that incorporates multitude of functions.

Test Drive Against Market Leaders


Even as a prototype the HyperHybrid powertrain competes with the greatest of ease against market-leaders in terms of efficiency. Mind you, that the competitors have a much better aerodynamic profile due to their exterior design. Good aerodynamic values are beneficial in terms of fuel consumption. The Trick: Always efficient and only as much performance as necessary.  

Key Facts

  • Hamburg - Independent Test: Autobild Nr.14 – 7.4.2017
  • Road Course: 151km Highway,City,Country
  • Consumption Values after 1 Full Round Course


  • OBRIST HyperHybrid (Series Hybrid PHEV): 2.93L/100 km (plus 6.6 kWh equivalent to 4,37kWh/100km)
  • Toyota Prius (Parallel Hybrid HEV): 4.70L/100km
  • Audi A3 e-tron (Parallel Hybrid PHEV): 5.19L/100km (plus 6.2 kWh equivalent to 4,11kWh/100km)

Fuel economy instead of performance mania.
I’ve been waiting for A DRIVE LIKE THIS for a long time.


Super-economical for everyday driving, emission-free for 50 kilometres when you want it and no range problems. It’s also affordable to buy and multi-fuel, so it’s ready for synthetic fuels. Millions of commuters could make some real savings with it and still drive to Spain on their summer holidays. The only disadvantage: The top speed is limited. OBRIST is, however, ready for that with its modular construction system. Of course, the Geely doesn’t make for a particularly attractive base. My personal favourite would be the Audi A3 with HyperHybrid drive for the price of a TDI, for maybe 23,000 euros, around 13,000 less than today’s e-tron. That’s how I see the future of the burners!


Frank Rosin