HyperHybrid – a series plug-in hybrid powertrain solution – can significantly reduce the carbon footprint of worldwide mobility. The Trick: Always efficient and only as much performance as necessary.  The System has no mechanical link to the drive. The encapsulated unit containing the combustion engine and generator almost always runs in the efficient full load range. The 11 kWh battery allows it to run for 58 kilometers on electricity alone. We provide a drivetrain concept that boasts maximum energy efficiency and unmatched compactness and pricing. The very first step to affordable electrified vehicles for everyone. The compactness of the components significantly improves packaging freedom for automotive designers and engineers.

Photo of HyperHybrid Basic design

Zero Vibration Generator

Zero Vibration Generator is a generator-integrated combustion engine boasting best-in-class efficiency and packaging.

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Li-ion Battery with Vacuum Fixation Technology

OBRIST Powertrain batteries for PHEV and BEV applications are designed to fulfill customer expectations mostly related to increased specific energy and reduced costs.

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Vehicle Control Unit

The HyperHybrid control system is designed for several beneficial control features, that provides automotive engineers with the toolbox to develop hybrid vehicles for unmatched driving experience.

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  • Electric Rear-Wheel Drive (high torque for maximum driving passion)
  • Highest Levels of NVH Comfort (comparable to BEV - battery electric vehicles)
  • Packaging Results (low center of gravity and perfect mass balancing between front and rear)

Efficient and Affordable Plug-Innovations

Customers are intrigued by electric vehicles but suffer from range anxiety. Journeys must be carefully planned based on the charging infrastructure currently available. HyperHybrid – a series hybrid powertrain solution – combines electric driving with unlimited range at maximum efficiency and affordable costs.

Ultra-compact Combustion Engine

The HyperHybrid powertrain features an ultra-compact combustion engine boasting unmatched efficiency, a high-power low-cost battery based on 18650 cells, and integrated thermal management covering the complete powertrain and the passenger cabin. Customers can now decide whether to plug in the vehicle or not; it is no longer mandatory. The combustion engine with integrated generator is always on board to provide energy for driving the vehicle.

Accessing Various Segments

The ultra-compact drivetrain components can be integrated in various vehicle segments – even in small cars. In larger vehicles, the Zero Vibration Generator enables an extra 250mm of bay space to be used for more passenger comfort or additional seating capacity. The compactness of the components massively improves packaging freedom for automotive designers and engineers.