We offer scalable solutions perfectly suited for a variety of requirements, from affordable mass-market mobility solutions to premium segments.  In larger vehicles, the ultra-compact, turbocharged ZV-Generator provides an extra bay space that can be used for increased passenger comfort or additional seating capacity. With a variety of component configurations anything is possible, for example, two- or four-wheel drive.

Photo of HyperHybrid Performance

Zero Vibration Generator

Zero Vibration Generator is a generator-integrated combustion engine boasting best-in-class efficiency and packaging.

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Li-ion Battery with Vacuum Fixation Technology

OBRIST Powertrain batteries for PHEV and BEV applications are designed to fulfill customer expectations mostly related to increased specific energy and reduced costs.

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Vehicle Control Unit

The HyperHybrid control system is designed for several beneficial control features, that provides automotive engineers with the toolbox to develop hybrid vehicles for unmatched driving experience.

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  • Two Generator/Inverter Design
  • Fully Balanced Engine
  • Turbocharged (with 85kWe)
  • High-Power Continuous Driving 
  • Twin-Battery Strategy

HyperHybrid for Premium Segments

The high-performance drivetrain is a set of solutions focusing on premium vehicle segments. This powertrain concept is derived from OBRIST Powertrain’s mass market components and provides variants with different performance levels. With a variety of component configurations anything is possible – for example two or four-wheel drive.

Superior NVH Performance

  • Turbocharged Combustion Engine (85kWe high continuous power)
  • Design with Two Generators (for a fully balanced engine)
  • Better NVH Comfort (than a V12 engine)

Battery System

For higher battery electric power and longer battery electric ranges, the installed battery capacity has to be enlarged in this drivetrain concept. This is achieved by the twin-battery strategy that combines two of the OBRIST Powertrain’s mass market batteries for higher performance.