In addition to the development of components for hybrid drive systems and the consumption optimization of internal combustion engines, OBRIST Powertrain and OBRIST Engineering together have many years of experience in design and efficiency optimization of the thermal management of complete vehicle systems (for example, the development of Fisker Karma series) and the equipment of vehicles with these systems. In the meantime, more than 50 vehicles have been equipped for the most diverse OEMs and suppliers. OBRIST also has a comprehensive network of partners which ensures the development and delivery of the required components. The wide range of know-how and acquired years of experience in automotive thermal management enables OBRIST to develop and implement holistic concepts for air conditioning of the interior, drive train components (electric motor, inverter) and HV battery as well as Range Extender high temperature circuits.

Thermal Management

Thermal Management

Key Facts

  • Years of Experience
  • Comprehensive Network of Partners
  • Holistic Climate Control Concepts (can be implemented)

Thermo-management: Vehicle and Powertrain

  • Cooling (cell, cell module, battery)
  • Drive Motor Inverter Cooling (low temperature cooling circuits)
  • REX Cooling (high temperature cooling circuit)
  • Interior Cooling